Bogra is a district where Buddhists, Hindus and Muslim cultures enriched its historical importance. But with passes of time the rural people of Bogra district (area 2929.91 sq km and population 3.20 million) in the northern zone of Bangladesh has become now backward with respect particularly to education, employment, medicare, clean water, sanitation, communication, environment and women ‘s human rights. About 65% of the population constituting the rural poor who are victims of hunger, disease and oppression, have very little access to the benefits of meager development activities. There is also severe inadequacy of agencies, funds, uplift and leadership so necessary to ensure economic program and social dignity to the rural poor, especially women, girls and children. The above are some of the empiric factors which led to setting up of Bogra Foundation on 21-02-1992 by some dedicated social workers under the leadership of a dynamic social worker Mr. Anis Rahman – an ex-civil servant of the Government.